The All-New Chilli range of McDonald’s


    We have all grown up relishing on burgers and happy meals from McDonald’s and I still have a vague memory of the first time I visited McDonald’s with my parents as a kid. We used to go there once a month to eat and my favourite order was a McVeggie Burger with extra cheese and medium fries. As we grew older, a lot of things changed but the love for McDonald’s remained the same.

    The current situation has been extremely difficult for all of us and when I came across the new Burgers and an attractive fizzy drink by McD, I knew that I HAVE TO try it out to treat myself. It had been way too long since I ate from McDonald’s.

    McDonald’s India has recently introduced three new things in their menu – Chili Veg Burger, Chili Chicken Burger and Orange Fizz.

    The best part about these new items is that they are extremely pocket friendly, starting from just ₹59.

    From relishing on McDonald’s as a child to reviewing its new products on my blog, here’s presenting my honest take on the new items by McD :

    – MY ORDER :

    I got two Chili Veg Burgers delivered for my parents (as they are pure vegetarian), a Chili Chicken Burger for myself and three Orange Fizz from McDonald’s in Elements Mall, Jaipur.


    Starting with the packaging, the entire order was packed securely with two brown paper bags and a parchment paper in which the burgers come wrapped in.

    All the three drinks came with a beverage holder, making it convenient to handle it.

    There were sufficient paper napkins, ketchup and straws sent with my order.

    • TASTE :

    Chili Veg Burger – This burger is going to be my new favourite order from McD from now on. Its patty was so delicious and crispy, made with assorted vegetables like  carrot, peas, french beans and potato.

    Chili Chicken Burger – It consisted of a juicy and grilled chicken patty with hints of garlic, onions and capsicum.

    The buns of all the burgers were super soft and fresh, toasted lightly.

    The sauce used was a spicy hot chilli sauce made with red chillies, tomatoes, onions, garlic, pepper, soy sauce & drizzled with shredded onions.

    The thing that takes these burgers to the next level is that they’re both available to order with single & double patties! How cool is that!


    This is a refreshing tangy beverage with flavors of Mandarin and a hint of Red Chili. It’s the perfect beverage to beat the heat this summer and it complemented well with the new Chili Burgers.

    • VALUE FOR MONEY : 5/5

    All of these three items are extremely pocket friendly and totally worth the price.


    Definitely. Like I mentioned previously, the Chili Veg Burger is going to be my go-to order from now on.

    • IS IT SAFE?

    Nothing in the world is 100% safe right now but with the right amount of safety measures and precautions, the team at McDonald’s is working hard day and night to serve us with utmost safety.

    They sanitise and clean everything regularly. They do regular temperature checking of their staff and delivery executives. Their packaging is super good and clean.

    McDonald’s has always been a hygienic centre but with the current situation, they have increased their cleanliness 10 times more.

    Writing this review has left me craving for a burger from McDonald’s. I will go and order something for myself, till then, I hope you would try these lovelies too from McDonald’s soon!